About Kate

An intuitive healer, empath and general all-round bling hippy witch, Kate is a true Aquarian at heart.

She has always been interested in the world of alternative and complimentary therapies having immersed herself in them since her early 20s. But it was her first reiki treatment in her late 30s which ignited the desire to delve further into the world of healing after experiencing pain relief and strong messages from spirit in her sessions

This was exacerbated by a car crash in 2019 which changed her life on many levels and in her recovery, led her to truly ‘wake up’ to what life really meant and her part in it. She also realised she had in fact already been healing others for many years and so the rest unfolded naturally.

Believing in synchronicity over coincidence and with a healthy slice of ‘woo woo’, Kate uses her intuition, signs from the universe and strong connection to nature and spirit in her reiki healing sessions

She believes that everything is magical energy so even if she’s able to spread a little bit of this around the world, then this goes a long way to feeling good for everyone, all around. 

Kate is also a writer, life coach and founder of Magical Mindfulness – sacred circles for empowering young ladies

Blessings. Xx




I loved my distance Reiki session with Kate. As soon as it started, I immediately felt at peace and my energy settled. I had been feeling quite anxious and unbalanced but I could feel that releasing through the session. I could feed waves of calm wash over me and my whole body relaxed. I had an hour-long session which was just bliss. Kate then sent through pictures of the oracle cards she had used and their meaning as well as the crystals she had picked and followed up with an audio recording of her findings. It was very interesting to hear which Chakra areas came up and what other areas she had also identified during the session. I will definitely be having more distance reiki with her!

Caroline, Hertfordshire


Kate is a second degree Reiki trained by Reiki Master Zoe Smith, at Silver Spiral Holistic Health.  Zoe was awarded the ‘Reiki Training Provider of the Year’ – London & South East Prestige award (2020/2021)

Kate is fully insured and DBS checked.

The information provided here is offered is as a natural method to help heal the body and not a substitute for orthodox medical diagnosis and, or treatment.

Kate does not diagnose or go against treatment or drugs any client may already be using or practicing. Reiki can be used with doctors or any others natural or alternative therapy or complimentary therapies, all together.